Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mocha Cheesecake plus Related Confessions

 So, I have some confessions.

1) I don't really like these pictures.  I didn't have any pretty saucers so I used a paper dessert plate, for instance.  Plus they just stink.  That's why I made collages.  To disguise them.  Because collages are... Awesome.

2) I usually make low-fat cheesecakes, but when I had to go get cream cheese after work on Thursday, the closest place that was open and had cream cheese was K-Mart, and they only had the full-fat kind.  Sometimes I really wish I were one of those people who have no fear of and even embrace full fat cream cheese and lots of butter and lots of sugar, but I'm not, so I felt kinda scared when I made this, and when I ate it.  But I didn't die and didn't turn into a round ball, so I think I'll be okay.

3) So you know how I just confessed that I'm scared of all that stuff?  Well, that doesn't keep me from eating it.  I'm just scared while I eat it, and feel super guilty about it.  Sometimes I make healthier desserts, and then I don't feel as guilty about eating a bunch of it.  One of these days I'll wake up with the self control of myself last year, and everything will be okay.

4) To be honest, the fact that my first three posts are all desserts kinda makes me sad.  One time I went 3 months without eating dessert, which was awesome but way harder to do a second time.  Plus I love making supper and all that, it's just that I haven't had the chance in like, forever.  It goes like this.  First I spend the weekend in Chicago.  Then on Monday we have leftovers.  Then on Tuesday we do our grocery shopping and have a freezer meal for supper, and if I took that away from people, they would be very, very angry with me.  On Wednesdays we have church, so we don't really have supper as a family.  On Thursday (this week, anyhow) I had work over suppertime.  Fridays, my sister V cooks, or we go to pizza night at a friend's house.  And today I'm going to a wedding, and have no idea when I'll be getting home.  So yeah.  Even though I have like, 20 kajillion things I want to make for suppers, I can't.  But never fear!!!  I will!  Someday!!

If that doesn't excite you, I'm sorry.  Wait- actually I'm not.  No.  That's your loss.  Ha!

Anyhow, we had a very nice time at our taco night last night, and now we only have like, 5 pieces of cheesecake left.  And I think most people liked it because it's cheesecake and because I saw my mom eating a piece of it for breakfast.

You might think that eating dessert for breakfast/lunch/supper runs in the family, but it's just because we're smart.  I mean, it's a common sense thing, which goes like this.  IF you're going to have a piece of cheesecake, you want to enjoy it fully, not as an afterthought to eggs or something.  Plus, there's no reason to eat cheesecake AND breakfast, if you're worried about eating too much.  Plus dark chocolate is good for you, and coffee is, too.  So yeah.  It's like, a balanced meal.  Ha, ha.

So, I got the recipe here.

And here's the Printable Recipe Card, with my adjustments, which since I didn't have low-fat cream cheese is pretty much just the crust.

And since I need to leave now you can just go to one of those places if you want the recipe.

Have a good Saturday!!! :)

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